Work with Me

Late nights, endless edits and struggling with margins, not sure what keywords go where in your resume…ugh they want a cover letter too! The result: frustration with getting your resume and cover letter completed while working a full-time job.  

But, what if this is how it went? 

You wake up, dive into your morning routine, and sit down at your desk to begin your day. Only instead of worrying in the back of your mind about the dreaded unfinished resume and cover letter for the new positions you’ve found, you now have a professional storyteller who has blocked off and dedicated her entire day to get this done for you – by the time your day is over!

Close your eyes and imagine that for a minute…

Yes! It’s 100% possible for you, and it’s exactly how I’ve designed my Resume Refresh Intensive to get you one-day results! I’ll take all of your resumes, cover letters, and any other materials and bring into alignment so you can begin applying to positions immediately.

Things I can do in a day:

  • Help you get laser-focused on your genius and unique talents that promise to bring value to any organization;
  • Clean up the overall look and feel of your resume adding simplicity and an easily customizable template (I’ll teach you how to fish);
  • Write a bio that can be used for LinkedIn, your website, or any other platform for your professional profile;
  • Compose a cover letter that is reflective of your experience and delivers a lasting impression as a first impression;
  • Share my verified and tested job seeking tools and strategies that will teach you how to keep track of the positions you’ve applied and what to say/do when the recruiter calls;
  • And anything else we can come up with together!

There is prep work involved but all of it is designed to help you uncover the hidden gems in your experience and accomplishments as a professional. During your booked day, we will communicate via Slack or another messenger service, and I’ll just need you to be readily available throughout the day to answer questions and give feedback.

“When I was introduced to Keisha while looking for a career coach, she immediately stood out after our first conversation as a coach with a unique approach. Working with her over a period of 3 weeks confirmed this as her approach helped me understand my values and strengths and identify what I would like to do next. Keisha is not just a resume writer, she is a “professional therapist”, who made me delve into my career journey, chart my potential paths and create an exceptional profile. She ensured my resume really captures my achievements in a language that aligns with where I aspire to be. I’m writing this only 3 days after we finalized our work together and already I have three dream job interviews lined up and an offer to partner in a consulting firm! I cannot thank you enough Keisha.”


“You really helped me to reframe how I look at presenting myself through my resume/cover letter and bio., especially in cutting it down to what will matter most to the reviewer/hiring manager, and giving them a peek at what I’ve done achieved – but not the whole story so you have something to chat about in the interview.”


Ready to get started?

Step One

Look at your calendar and book a date. Not sure if this is the right fit? Let’s schedule a Discovery Call to see if my process aligns with your expectations.

Step Two

We will schedule a Pre-Intensive Kick Off Call. During this call, we will review your prep work and make sure we have a clear plan for the items on I will take on for you for the day.

Step Three

My eyes, brainpower, and wordsmith magic on your documents for a day to provide clarity and precision to your documents. I will reach out to you as needed for questions or requests for additional information.

Step Four

I’ll be there for you for 30 days of Post-Refresh support. You can send me any questions or feedback and I will respond to provide clarity and answers to any questions you have.

My promise to you:

A clear and focused resume and cover letter without the stress and late nights. I’m ready if you are.